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After Sales Services Department

 The BOREAS After Sales Services Department provides all the after sales services our customers can

require over a single telephone number (0850 6226272) that can be directly accessed.


This system facilitates efficient monitoring and control of requests as well as measurement of the

quality of customer service by connecting to the BOREAS metric system (KPR).




Services provided within the framework of the After Sales Service system,



The purpose of providing all services within the scope of after sales agreements over a common communication

system connected to a single phone line is to raise the quality of customer service.


The system follows these steps:


  • After the request  is received over the Call Center, a  Registry Number is assigned to each r equest and a record is

          made over the BOREAS ERP system. The  content of the request corresponding to  the record  made is assigned to

          a relevant category, and immediately reported by mail to the Department Head, Department Director, Department

          Manager, and System Administrator.

  • Department heads immediately call back confirming the request and need and provide the requested service with the necessary notification and/or schedule procurement and notify the customer,
  • System administrators track customer requests, details of services provided, and the services schedules on a daily basis over the registry numbers.
  • The Registry Number of the request is CLOSED after the completion of the service requested.
  • The Call Center calls back closed Registry Numbers asking whether the service provided was adequate, and whether the owner of the request wishes to open a new service record.
  • The Call Center calls customers who have made requests regularly in its weekly schedule and conducts a brief customer survey for the purpose of checking the quality of the service provided. BOREAS company metrics (KPR) are also generated over this system measuring (response time for requests, the time that it takes for a technician to be dispatched to - to reach the site of the reported malfunction, the rate of problem resolution upon first response to the malfunction within no later than 24 hours, the percentage of customer satisfaction, etc.) recording, and improving quality of service. All After Sales Services requests by our CUSTOMERS must be made over this system for complete and high performance control of service quality.


The BOREAS After Sales Services Department




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After Sales Services Call Center

0850 6226272

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